I feel compelled to write my very first google review after my experience with Leon Springs Family Dental. My brother, Thomas urged me to just go iin and at least have x-rays done He spoke highly of their genuine caring and excellence to detail. So, on Aug.16th I left there feeling like a load of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. It had been over ten years since i had seen a dentist. And that was only to have two bad back.molars removed because I could not afford any other options. Everybody and everything else came first, and there wasn't much left over to take care of my own teeth.
Dental insurance was not an option when you basically live paycheck to paycheck. This message is for all of you out there who are too embarrassed or humiliated to open your mouth for a dentist or hygienist to see how you have failed your teeth. I truly believed that there was no hope. How could I afford the amount of work I thought I would need? From the moment I walked in their door I was greeted With a huge smile from the receptionist Michelle who walked me through the paperwork. Then cane their hygienest, Belia!!!!!! The most adorable woman, with a full mouth of braces, that Ive met in decades. She's probably as old as my youngest daughter. But, there was no age difference. She first sat down and looked me straight in the eyes and explained that there was no judgment. That I was not alone. That technology had changed. and that they would be able to help me. Over the next hour, she had me laughing.harder than i'd laughed in a very long time. I can not say enough about this woman. I received my very first dental cleaning in my life and I had absolutely no pain during or afterwards. Nor, can I say enough about my Dentist, Dr. Cherie Kozalsky. I did not get to meet her husband, Dr. Tim Kozalsky, But he"s the reason my brother urged me to go. She explained to me step-by-step in order of importance of what needed to be addressed first with my teeth. The amount of professionalism and genuine caring from someone I just met, made it extremely important to me, that I must do this review! Equally as important, is the office manager Marissa! She has the whitest teeth i've ever seen in my life. She worked for 15 minutes to lineup the most convenient appointments for Me until she found exactly what I needed. Believe me,, there is hope You don't have to feel embarrassed or humiliated. The very best part, I WONT LOSE ANY MORE OF MY TEETH!

With much gratitude,
Laurie G.

Laurie G.

Great office to go to. The team is awesome. They work well together and are very organized. If you need a dentist in the area, I highly recommend them.

Justin S.

Exceptional dental care and services by Dr Cherie and the entire team!! Front desk staff, technicians, etc. are always very helpful as well. Truly appreciate everything that has resulted in me now having awesome natural looking teeth, to include cleaning, fabricating and dental optimization that incorporates the most recent technology. Best dental practice and dentist ever!!

Ed. B