San Antonio Restorative Dentistry With CEREC Crowns  

Dental crowns are an important part of many patients’ treatment plans. Crowns are made to replace the top portion of teeth that have been weakened and damaged by dental decay.  While traditional dental crowns are fabricated at dental labs and take weeks to be completed, there is technology available that is capable of creating custom crowns while you wait.

At Leon Springs Family Dental, we’re happy to support personalized dental care with same-day crowns from CEREC in San Antonio.


What is CEREC?

CEREC is a machine that is capable of building a 3D model of your mouth and can then send that information to its milling component, which will turn a block of solid ceramic into a new dental crown in about an hour. CEREC is an abbreviation for Chair-side Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics – the chair-side portion of its name is true-to-life; our dentists can use this equipment to create your crown in just one dental appointment.

CEREC Provides High-Quality Restorative Treatment

When sending crowns to a dental lab for creation, the finished CEREC Crowns San Antonioproduct can vary greatly depending on the skill of the lab technician. By creating your dental crowns right in our San Antonio dental office, our dentists have more personal control over the finished product, which ensures that your finalized restoration meets our high standards of care.

We’ve been using this technology daily for six years to give our patients the best in life-like dental restorations. Our cosmetic dentists are well-versed in utilizing CEREC technology to provide you with the dental crowns you need, without the long wait time or the need for temporary prosthetics.

Same-Day Dental Crowns in San Antonio

If our dental team has recommended a crown as a part of your treatment plan, we’ll take the following steps to provide you with a same-day CEREC crown:

Digital Scan – We’ll take pictures of your teeth so that the CEREC software can build a 3D re-creation of your smile. With this model in place, we can design a dental crown that fits perfectly and is a seamless complement to the rest of your smile. Our patients love that getting a CEREC dental crown doesn’t require messy, traditional impressions.

Preparation –Damaged teeth will be prepared to accept the dental crown. This process includes buffing away decayed dental enamel to protect and preserve the remaining healthy tooth structure.

Milling and Placement – While you wait, CEREC will turn the 3D model of your new tooth into a real ceramic dental crown, in just one appointment.  After the crown has been created, we’ll securely bond it in place, so you can leave our office with a restored and healthy smile.

Looking for Crowns-in-a-Day? Contact Our Office!

If you need a dental crown, Leon Springs Family Dental can provide you with personalized care in just one appointment at our office. Contact our San Antonio dentists to schedule your consultation today and learn more about what CEREC can do for you.